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The Mohawk Homestead is committed to excellence in caring for residents within a safe, home-like enviroment. 

"We continue to enhance the residents' quality of life, comfort and

well-being during their time with us."


The Mohawk Homestead, a small Victorian-style adult home nestled in the quaint village of Mohawk, New York, is proud of their 121 years of providing care to the elderly of the Mohawk Valley.


The Homestead has a rich history which began in the summer of 1895. That was the year when Mrs. Helen C. Marshall came to the conclusion that there was a great need in Herkimer County for a home where elderly women would be able to reside and pass the closing years of their lives in security, dignity, and comfort.

Acting on her idea, she wrote to a number of friends suggesting a meeting at her home to consider the matter. On September 26, 1895, a group came together in what proved to be the first of a series of gatherings. The first President’s name was Mrs. Iva VanAllen of Mohawk. Later, a Board of Managers was formed with Mrs. Marshall as its President. A men’s advisory board was also organized. Women from all over the county were drawn into the project.It was decided to purchase the Andrew Cunningham property on Main Street in Mohawk. Funds to purchase, renovate, and furnish the Home were raised through individual subscriptions, donations, pledges, suppers and bazaars. The Home was incorporated on January 6, 1896 and named the Old Ladies Home of Herkimer County. Mrs. Sarah A. Howlett became the first resident. The Home originally accommodated ten ladies, but expansion through the years has brought the total capacity to 41.

In 1967, in keeping with the changing pattern of the times, the home’s name was changed to The Mohawk Homestead.  Mrs. Marshall’s original dream and philosophy live on today as a reality by the Homestead continuing to provide a pleasant, comfortable, home-like Victorian residence for the elderly; subsisting mainly on residents' room and board payments, donations, and revenue from various fund-raising events.


The Mohawk Homestead truly is one of the historical gems of the Mohawk Valley.

Mohawk Homestead
62 E Main St
Mohawk, NY 13407

Phone: (315) 866-1841


The Mohawk Homestead, "where your family becomes a member of ours".

We are now available for tours of our home, Please call 

315-866-1841 and ask for Lisa.

Established in 1895...truly one of the historical gems of the Mohawk Valley.

As a “Not for Profit”, we graciously accept private donations  to help us preserve the “Promise of Yesterday” and achieve the “Hope of Tomorrow” for the residents who live here.  Your tax-deductible donations support our Homestead in many ways.  Thank You!

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