The Mohawk Homestead
The Mohawk Homestead

Our Administrative Staff:


Case Manager 

315-866-1841  ext.306




Marketing Administrator/Outreach Coordinator

Lisa Gollegly



Director of Activities


The Mohawk Homestead

62. E. Main St.

Mohawk, NY  13407

315.866-1841 Ext. 311

315.866.0603 Fax

Mohawk Homestead
62 E Main St
Mohawk, NY 13407

Phone: (315) 866-1841


The Mohawk Homestead, "where your family becomes a member of ours".

We are now available for tours of our home, Please call 

315-866-1841 and ask for Lisa.

Established in 1895...truly one of the historical gems of the Mohawk Valley.

As a “Not for Profit”, we graciously accept private donations  to help us preserve the “Promise of Yesterday” and achieve the “Hope of Tomorrow” for the residents who live here.  Your tax-deductible donations support our Homestead in many ways.  Thank You!

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